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How It Works

Below mentioned steps will provide you a clear picture about how it works

The main advantage of hosted IVR for small and large organisation is to save a lot of time and money. Answering a phone call consumes lot of time and effort, moreover every call may not deserve the similar kind of attention. Intelligent routing can enable filtering the call and route it to desired person without wasting time

Step 1: Welcome Menu

Once a call received on IVR number, your customers are greeted with a predefined welcome message of your choice. Welcome message will tell the customers to choose Extension of their choice. An Extension can be a mobile phone, landline phone or even voice mail. In case customer does not chooses any Extension and simply disconnects the call, you can still view the missed calls in your MIS.

Step 2: Configure Extensions

You customers can speak to the concerns person by pressing the desired Extension. In order to make this system more versatile, you can configure parallel Extensions to route simultaneous call to all the sales person. Call will automatically mature once the first person picks up his phone. Round-robin and sequential routing is also possible. Customers can also leave a voicemail in case no one answers to their call.

Step 3: Logging and Reporting

The biggest advantage of hosted IVR is its capability to log and report all the events. In conventional scenario, we are unable to track all important sales call maturing on sales representatives mobile phone. In hosted IVR solution, you will never miss a call. Every call will either land on mobile phone, landline, voicemail or will be logged in missed call entry. Complete MIS is available for download with few clicks.